Legal Camp in Stepanavan


General Objective: To raise awareness on Human Rights and especially on the rights of persons with disabilities among youth with special needs. Activities: Trainings on disability rights, advocacy best practices and civic actions led by Peace Corps Volunteer and disability right protection specialist Donald Krutsinger. Role games and experience sharing meetings. Beneficiaries: 33 young people with disabilities from Armavir, Tavoush, [...]

Democracy Summer School


General Objective: To promote civic activism among teenagers and high school students Specific Objective: To raise their awareness on fundamental rights, political participation, electoral law and the basic principles of democracy  Activities: 25 participants took part in creative and practical workshops for 8 weeks (film making, charity events, preparation of press releases). Participants met with community [...]

My Community In My Eyes


General Objective: To raise awareness on community life among schoolchildren, youth and pedagogical staff of three schools of Vardenik village Specific Objective: To involve target groups in community life as active citizens. Activities: ·       Implementation of trainings and informative sessions focused on capacity building for active citizenship. ·       Monitoring of different aspects of community life by 45 [...]

Active Rest


Overall Objective: To promote inclusive environment for children with special needs. Specific Objective: To develop accessible rehabilitation services. Activities: ·       Rehabilitation and inclusive-therapeutic services four times a week for children with special needs and development problems. ·       Purchase of necessary equipment for art therapy and rehabilitation work. ·       Meeting with parents and teachers twice a week to [...]

Healthy Childhood, Strong Community


Overall Objective: To promote a healthy lifestyle among children living in rural communities near the border. Activities: ·       To equip the sport hall of Artsvaberd community school with new and useful sport equipments required for the children’s everyday exercises and lessons Beneficiaries: More than 100 children from Artsvaberd village and 4 bordering communities. Start date: 2015 Duration: 1 month [...]

Protection of the rights of children and adolescents with social and behavioural problems


General Objective: To contribute to the deinstitutionalization process of special educational institutions Specific Objective: To ensure the transformation of the Republican Special Educational Complex N°1 into a Resource and Rehabilitation Center Activities: 3 legislative amendments on the status change of the institution were developed by the representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science, National Institute of Education, Special [...]

Deaf Dialogue is Possible Training and Social Integration Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Persons


In 2008 within the framework of the “Training and Social Integration Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Persons” Dialogue Center was founded. Training and Social Integration Services of the Dialogue Centre provided free legal, psychological assistance, organized literacy and gesture language trainings with the aim of reintegration of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing [...]